How Maple became friends with Mint!

How Maple became friends with Mint!

Authored By Maya rania


“Your life didn't just happen by chance. You didn't hit some lucky or unlucky streak. The results you achieved came from the choices you did or didn't make.” - Benny Hsu

My sign trait says I am a visionary, intelligent, original, creative, and artistic also it says I am cold, condescending, and unpredictable.

I like to believe in the first part and neglect the latter.

But If I really want to add on that and tell you about myself, I will say I am also an introvert, a little shy, mostly a dreamer, warm and friendly, but also a little crazy and eccentric, but most of all I am an optimist and like to be surrounded by positive and energetic people.

I will also be honest with you, I don’t usually say the right words in the right circumstances, that’s why I am a writer, and I guess that’s why I always like to start writing by using a quote.

Call me Maple I am 45 plus years old, mother of three starting a new business with my best friend Mint, this all sounds like an extract from a children’s book, because  simply that’s how I like to tell my stories. 

It was autumn 1991 the first day of course registration at the university, 18 years old shy me went up the stairs hesitantly not knowing what to expect and what to register for. Little did I know I was going to register for a new friendship and a lifetime of experiences. Mint was standing just Infront of me, beautiful energetic full of life and a little loud, she turned towards me and of course initiated a conversation. 

And from those stairs we started paving our path with adventures, escapades, crazy decisions, and smart ones.

From university years studying Communication Arts, directing a play together to filming short movies to graduation and travelling together, I discovered Mint’s love of life her amazing personality, her devotion to her friends and most importantly her obsession in equally suntanning, and enjoying the good life and most certainly a good bite.

We became each other’s blanket, shield, and ultimately mirror for the good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly, and all those complicated grey areas in between.

We shared a lot of laughter because we both believed that it’s the most enjoyable activity between friends. 

We are grown women now, we’ve lived fulfilling lives, we have matured developed wisdom and gained confidence  we are mothers wives and achievers, We’re pretty much done shaping ourselves into who we want to be, and today we’ve looked at each other and said, “ok it’s time to  start a new business together”  because let’s face it, what is life if we don’t keep trying, exploring, and learning.

Today with this new adventure in mind we remind ourselves of just how far we’ve come and what we’ve learned and how much we still need to learn; we wish to take you with us on this new adventure hoping that you will be inspired by our stories.


Welcome to Maple and Mint.

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